This is for visitors coming this month wanting/planning to go to Crab Island during your visit…

1. The only way to get there is via boat (pontoon rental with captain is best)

2. It averages about 2.5 ft in depth

3. The bright transparent turquoise color comes from a couple things. The quarts crystal sand that flows from the Appalachians and the algae in the Gulf. The sand crystals reflects the sun with a prism effect.    

4. Crab Island is a party place and family place… just depends on where you go

5. There are restaurants close by, you can buy beer close by

If you want to go to Crab Island but don’t want to navigate your way there or have to figure out where to throw the anchor etc… we will be happy to accommodate you and your family or group and show you a good time!

Book here👉

Bring up to 9 people with you. It’s not cheap but it sure is luxurious!

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