Captains List & Resources For Primary Guests

Charterer Agreement & Waiver (Primary Guest MUST Complete)

You as the Primary Guest/Charterer are the only one in your group that must completely fill out, sign, and initial the Charterer Agreement & Waiver. Your guests/passengers do not need to sign anything. It is electronic format so you do not need to print it. For sections requiring amounts and asking about inspections, and other such areas; you will see examples in parenthesis to reference for completing the specified section.

You only need to list your guests names with their phone numbers in the designated section.

You will select the captain you chose again as well.

Please reference the examples for further instructions.

Once completed, tap the “Submit” button. Now check your email for confirmation that you completed the Agreement. Wait! don’t close the email yet… look for the option to download a PDF copy. Download it now because the option is only good for 48 hours. 

Forward a copy to your captain also.

If you still have further questions or need additional help, contact us at 850-468-3842 or email


List of Pre-Approved Captains For Your Selection

As the Charterer and Primary Guest, you must have the choice of captain and or crew for your charter. We are allowed to provide a list of captains that we approve of for you to hire as your captain for your charter. You need to hire your captain before booking. After you hire your captain, you will see their name in the booking process. Just select it to proceed.

**NOTE: If you DO NOT FIRST contact the captain you select to hire you will not have a captain for your booking. There are NO refunds if you are not able to go on the Luxury Cruise in this case as we are a Captained ONLY charter. You MUST contact the captain for availability PRIOR to selecting them on your booking.**

Recommended instructions for hiring your captain:

Step 1: 

Go through the list and contact the captains to see who is available for your charter. Normal procedure is they will require you to pay a 50% non refundable deposit via Venmo, Cashapp, or whatever e-payment app you agree to to engage them and the remaining balance due before getting on the boat.

Step 2:

Time to book your Luxury Cruise.

During the booking process here on the website (click/tap “Book Today” in Red) you will see the list of captains again, just checkbox the name of the captain you hired. This simply shows us who is on the boat.


Captain Jake Armer

6 Pack working toward Masters



Captain Scott Mikles

100 Ton Masters


Captain Jonny Spector

100 Ton Masters


Captain Elliot Killpatrick

25 Ton Masters


Captain James Taulbee

25 Ton Masters


Captain Sam Stephens

6 Pack working toward Masters


Captain Dean Horak

500 Ton Masters


Captain Jon Tatroe

100 Ton Masters


Captain Jason Crawford

Decades of experience 


Captain Meg Quinn

6 Pack OUPV