List of Pre-Approved Captains For Your Selection

As the Charterer and Primary Guest, you must have the choice of captain and or crew for your charter. We are allowed to provide a list of captains that we approve of for you to hire as your captain for your charter. We recommend hiring your captain before booking. After you hire your captain, you will see their name 

Recommended instructions for hiring your captain:

Step 1: 

Go through the list and contact the captains to see who is available for your charter. Normal procedure is they will require you to pay a 50% non refundable deposit to engage them and the remaining balance due before getting on the boat.

Step 2:

Time to book your Luxury Cruise.

During the booking process here on the website (click/tap “Book Today” in Red) you will see the list of captains again, just checkbox the name of the captain you hired. This simply shows us who is on the boat.

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